Model wears a silver mesh waspie with leather details

AW15 Collection- Sybarite’s Awakening

AW15’s Sybarite‘s Awakening has been living in my head for quite some time now.

A collection of darkly seductive corsetry that featured elegant bondage styling alongside fresh, confident colours and luxury finishes. The four pieces are designed as movements in an erotic encounter, each capturing the thrill of the turn of mood and exchange of power. Because to me, fetish is purely an indulgence in pleasure, it should be decadent, opulent and refined in its projections, and does not need to be restricted to the classic styling of black PVC and leather. Silk is a sensuous second skin that gleams and shimmers captivatingly, making it the perfect medium for this project.

The mood I wanted to capture for this collection was that of an afterparty. Heady, full of promise and laden with dark undertones. I was lucky enough to count Anita DeBauch and Sally Sparrow as my creative cohorts in this project. We had a wonderful day shooting in a derelict manor house, selecting our locations as we went along, responding to the light and the settings as the day progressed. Anita’s flair as a model and instinct for getting into the character of the outfit was flawless. While Sally is a prolific photographer who amazes me in her capacity for a fresh approach and a new way of looking at a location. I am overjoyed with the final images, and had to enlist help in whittling down to the ones you see now, as each shot had something captivating to commend it.

So following on from a more subtle interpretation with our original Gilded Cages collection I’ve chosen to update the concept with these four looks, showcasing fully locking corsets, chastity styles, a pony play inspired look and one style aimed purely for display. I hope you enjoy the show.

Scene One- Avec Plaisir

Anita DeBauch wears a scarlet silk corset body with contrasting line detail

 A scarlet silk chastity corset body with coral fan detailing and locking shoulder straps.

Scene Two- Acquiesce

Red headed model wears a silver mesh corset and matching lingerie

A sheer mesh waspie overlaid with metallic silk organza with a fully locking back, secured by nappa leather straps and buckles.

Scene Three - Abandon


Model wears a cobalt blue silk locking corset with posture collar


Cobalt blue silk clings to the form in this pony play inspired overbust with integrated posture collar and martingale straps.

Scene Four- Afterglow


Anita DeBauch wears a cerise silk and gold lace corset dress

A hedonistic daydream- a waspie corset dress in cerise silk satin with gold lace applique twining around the body.
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