Male corset wearer in a silver silk overbust corset

Male Corset Commissions

I’m often approached by clients who are surprised that they can buy a male corset, or a feminine corset for a male physique. When in fact, around half of our clients are male tightlacers! It's a far more widespread phenomenon than many people think. So, I felt it was time to share a post showing some of the many possibilities available for helping to support a masculine figure, or transforming your body into softer flowing curves. It’s always a joy to see what a difference a thoughtfully designed male corset can provide to appearance but also to the confidence of the wearer.

The Art Of Corseting The Male Form

Classic Masculine Corsetry

Some of our male corset wearers are looking for back support or figure control. Our designs here tend to be much plainer, and based on practicalities like keeping the corset discreet under a suit. Or even ensuring that it’s breathable for use in warmer climates! Typically a corset like this would be an underbust style built in a single layer of strong cotton coutil. Or maybe a double layer of cotton mesh for hot weather. For discreet corsetry we often use a zip front fastening for a sleek finish under clothing, and light lacing cord to keep bulk at a minimum. These pieces can also be made in multiple layers with continuous boning for those that are looking for a greater level of compression and restriction. A wasp waist is often favoured as the more masculine cut on corsets like these.

Further Reading

  • Corsets For Men A guide explaining our approach to masculine corsetry
  • 12 Panel Underbust This is our go to style for figures that are not naturally curvy. It's comfortable and versatile.
  • Waspie A great option for those who need their corset to cope with an active lifestyle.

Feminising Male Shapewear

These corsets are often similar to the classic masculine corsets in construction, as they are intended to create feminine curves under clothing but are often built around bust or hip padding. Though it’s also possible for unpadded figures to be given a more noticeable curve through the craft of pattern cutting.

Sometimes our clients like vintage reproduction corsets so that the functional underwear regains a little romance and nostalgia. For instance an overbust corset in delicate peach satin with straps like a 1950’s corselette. At times a compromise between elegant design and practicality is needed but we can always find a way to make the garment feel precious when it is put on. An hourglass cut is usually chosen here to demonstrate a softer, more generous seeming curve.

Peach silk and ivory lace underbust corset with matching lingerie


Top Styles

  • 14 panel underbust This style of corset works well with more dramatically enhanced hip-lines
  • Ribbon Corset A lightweight option for summer wear or medium reduction shapewear.
  • Cupped Overbust Not the most discreet option under clothing, but elegant and wonderful for smoothing the transitions between padding.

Feminine Corsets For Men

These are often our “showstoppers” designed to be seen and admired, perhaps as part of an outfit or a costume but always designed to reflect the tastes and personal style of the wearer. They may be showcasing dramatic construction techniques such as flowing fans of continuous boning or corded cups, or perhaps a striking colour or bold brocade fabric will be used. We can also create beautiful effects with delicate lace appliqué or contemporary graphic details in contrast colours. Typically these corsets are overbusts intended to be worn with prosthetic breasts but we have made beautiful waist cinchers and ribbon corsets for this purpose as well.

A period style overbust corset in violet satin with corded panels and lace. Made for a male figure.

Top Styles

  • Princess Seamed Overbust A traditional corset style that lends itself well to dramatic embellishment and styling.
  • Cupped Overbust A distinctively feminine design with more definition to a padded bust.
  • Corset Dress The ultimate expression of whimsy and a style that really smooths the profile and emphasises the fullness of the hips.

The beauty of bespoke corsetry is that it allows us to cater to the subtleties of personal taste with ease and flair, so if you have a commission that has been playing on your mind for some time don’t be afraid to ask us about the possibilities available to you!

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