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The Lover’s Gift Guide 2024

Finding the perfect gift for a lover may not always be easy, but the thrill of coming across something unexpected that they will truly treasure makes up for the search tenfold. A little flutter in the chest as you imagine them opening it, how it will compliment their beauty, something only you would have spotted was just exactly right for them. Here are three themes to inspire you for the lingerie lover in your life, with curated delights from independent designers that I happen to think you (and they) will be besotted with. I know I have readers from across the world, so we have designers from Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, and plenty of British excellence too!

Dates for your diary

  • St Dwynwen’s Day, 25th January – The Welsh Valentine’s Day! St Dwynwen is an ancient princess of Brecon, which is local to me. Traditionally, gifts and messages of love are exchanged on this day.
  • Valentine’s Day, 14th February – Needs no introduction!
  • Beltane, 1st May – Pagan fertility festival, and a popular time for weddings and handfastings.


Mood: Seductive, opulent, dark femme, vampiric majesty.

Of course, I had to create a dream styling around our silk satin locking wrist cuffs! Partly because I think they’re such a wonderful Valentines day gift. They aren’t reliant on you knowing detailed sizing of your intended, every inch is designed with luxury and sensuous tactility in mind, and they are an opening to many moments of worship. I also send these ready to gift in a glossy magnetic box (perfect for storage) that lets you reignite the thrill of receiving them every time you open it. I teamed them with two designer-makers that I absolutely adore, Seelani Lingerie who are based in Poland and create some of the most ethereal, goddess-like sets that I’ve ever seen. Look for the Seraphina set, which features freshwater pearls alongside her signature lace. Crowning glory courtesy of Hervé by Céline Marie, who manages to make lace float on the body. She reimagines pieces in a way that really ignites my imagination. Mythic pieces for moments of escapism and celebrating your unique beauty.


Mood: Bright, playful, elegant, ingénue meets old romantic.

One of my favourite things to do white lingerie is to play with the suggested “innocence” of it, with suggestive styling or details. Our Heledd corset had to come into play for this set! I consider it a great Valentines gift because it is one that will just keep giving. Both as a corset that is comfortable enough to wear day after day, and yet, as I hope this styling shows, versatile enough to still become a centrepiece of an outfit whenever called upon. If you’re not feeling confident on sizing, remember that I will always help where I can! The barely-there babydoll from E.L.F Zhou is an instant suggestion of delicacy and romance, to soften the pairing of such a structured garment. The standout styling of any outfit will always come from Matoro Sari, a London based designer-maker who has just released these astounding beaded chokers and cuffs, but also offers some incredible ropework inspired designs that you will instantly fall in love with. And what outfit is complete without exquisite lace embellished gloves come from C’est Jeanne, based in the Netherlands, who you can watch handstitching the detail on these gloves here! I do love a glimpse of such an intricate process.


Mood: Sophisticated, timeless, sensuous, a bombshell with “je ne sais quoi”

This collection is just missing a whisky cocktail! Another show for Heledd, because I think everyone should own an LBC “Little Black Corset” and this silhouette is as timeless as it gets. Sculpting, smoothing, perfect for wearing under clothing, or like this styling, structuring an iconic lingerie outfit. Some of my favourite lingerie pieces are ones that stray into 0uterwear- a lingerie skirt is a perennial favourite of mine when it comes to styling! This piece from Tatu Couture (A British brand that is simply iconic for lingerie style) is one of the best of them in my opinion. A piece that could be layered for wear outside the house (think cycle shorts and long boots) or used to tease with an endless array of underwear. Our lingerie pick is from Harlow and Fox, also British and a specialist in DD+ lingerie that is romantic, fun, nostalgic and rooted in luxury. Their quality is outstanding, and this set puts me in mind of 60’s go-go dancers! The rope harness is another Tatu Couture find, and one I personally own. I adore this piece for adding instant panache to even a casual outfit, and it’s benefits for lingerie styling are endless. It comes beautifully presented as well, so its wow factor as a gift is guaranteed.

I hope you find something here that is worthy of your beloved’s collection, I just adore sharing fellow independent designers work with you, and I feel these styling posts are an opportunity to imagine things you may already have in a new light as well. And you know I’m all about the reinvention and staying in love with what’s in your wardrobe!

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