Locking Corsetry


We have been creating locking corsetry for over ten years, and in recent times this has become a much sought after element of our work. Whether you are looking for an extravagant statement corset to show off at a select soiree, or a robust piece designed for daily use, we can help you discover the perfect corset for your needs. We can also design your locking corsetry to be used with a lover, or for you to secure by yourself. All our clients enjoy the same respect and privacy that we have become known for, you can make contact in confidence that your needs are understood, and that you will be welcomed here.


This type of design is for people looking for a lighter approach to locking, where they do not need all access to the corset fastenings removed. This might be to keep bulk at a minimum for wear under clothing, or because the psychological feeling of closing the padlock is enough. A piece like this often focuses on a waist belt which locks at the front, but may have discreet options like D rings or loops at the back which are joined with padlocks when in use, but aren’t too noticeable if the corset is not locked. This can give a more versatile corset if you are at the start of your tightlacing journey, and need your corset to fulfil a number of purposes. Our stylish interlocking strap style is a beautiful example of how this option can be striking as well as functional.

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This is the all encompassing option. If you need to know that there is no escape then choose this style, which removes all access to the fastenings of the corset when the padlocks are closed. Our most popular option has a locking zip covering the front busk and uses interlocking panels to cover the lacing section, meaning there isn’t even a way to loosen the corset when it has been tightened. These pieces are among the most complex and time-consuming pieces we make, with swooping, graceful lines and details like padlock sleeves, so you can prevent the locks from swinging back and forth if you wish. These pieces can still be used without a partner, but they are trickier to put on if you have any issues with flexibility. Have a closer look at this style on YouTube.

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If you have a custom piece in mind, get in touch for a consultation.